(TV Series)

Project Status

Pilot script published – Multiple awards. Seeking a Production Company to co-produce. Playbook and Visual Deck available upon request.

Project Overview

Welcome to the world of FRAMES technology, the brainchild of creative genius Ethan Eberhart, who invented the concept of a FRAME so that the world’s great minds, like his own, are no longer lost with death.

Wealthy AI developer, Marcus Grealish, is tragically killed in a car crash, but miraculously returns home to his wife, Helen, 3 months later. He no longer looks , sounds, nor smells like Marcus. It’s as if he’s inhabiting a cosmetically modeled robot, and in a way … he is. Whereas a robot runs on AI, Marcus now runs on his HI (Human Intelligence – his own intelligence, memories and mind) but all as a FRAME.

Marcus is the first ‘person’ to walk into society as a FRAME – a life-size fully functional human prosthetic that does not require air, food or water, operated entirely from his brain, which is being kept alive in a classified hi-tech bunker, known as ‘The Facility’.