an acorn grew

Short Synopsis:

In 1970 Jillian Haslam was a white girl born to British parents in the rat- ridden backstreets of Calcutta. She became part of a persecuted nationality called ‘Indian English’, a rare instance where the English were racially abused. One of 12, she survived by living and begging on filthy streets, as four of her siblings died of malnutrition. After 32,154 days of British rule many of the Indian population were resentful and turned on the English families that remained, often calling them ‘white rats’.

Today Jillian is an acclaimed motivational speaker and was nominated for Asian woman of the year in 2012 in the Humanitarian category. He memoirs ‘Indian.English.’ capture her very dark times in Calcutta and are the inspiration for the new film ‘I.E.’, which portrays Jillian today as she embarks on a journey to give the most important speech in her life. Along the way she bumps into the ghosts from her past and we relive her amazing story of survival and how she touches the people on her journey. She thinks see in going to a normal country club for her speech, bit of tennis, coffee afternoons for the ladies. She doesn't know it is the most affluent country club in California. Last years after dinner speaker was Stephen Spielberg, the year before was Henry Kissinger. They think royality is coming from England. She is on a collision course; not for the first time.