Short Synopsis:

Joel's wife freaks out when she finds a sexually explicit email on his computer. After his last affair he was on his last chance. She leaves him. The email is actually a very clever spam email, where the spammer has used Joel personal details off his facebook page. Joel tries to explain this to his wife to no avail. In the end she has to get a court injunction to stop him pestering her.

Joel is so distraught with help from a hacking friend he tracks down the spammer. When he tracks him down he forces the spammer, at gunpoint, to make a video to confess that he sent the spam. He sends his wife the video, but it's too late, she is with somebody else and is now pregnant. Joel now has nothing to lose so goes back and kills the spammer. He does however leave a calling card. With a hot branding iron he brands the word 'SPAMMER' on his victims forehead. Within a week there are copycat murders.

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