Dinosaurs in Heaven?

Inspired by the memoirs of Jillian Haslam, 'Indian. English', is a touching story about a white girl born into the slums of Calcutta. After the fall of the Raj, the remaining English were abused and mistreated, a form of reverse racism. While Jillian's siblings died, she survived to become the ultimate slumdog millionaire An illicit spam email arrives at the wrong time and pushes a man over the brink when his wife thinks he's having an affair. Unable to convince her otherwise, he inflicts an horrific death on the spammer. The story turns from a raunchy British black comedy to a dark tale of murder, copycat killings and revenge. A youth from a troubled family befriends a young modern priest who convinces him to study theology. He meets two other troubled people in his theology class and between them they unwittingly get the priest murdered. The youth then goes on a quest to seek justice, not knowing the forces he is up against.