Zero Tolerance

Short Synopsis:

Jack is divorced and his wife has taken his daughter abroad, so the only way of communication is email. Jack knows nothing about computers. Rosie watches him teach a youth respect and wants to join up with him to dish out more lessons in respect to the youth of today. She has a hidden agenda.

He likes to work alone, but she's an IT major and can help him with his email and skype, so begrudgingly they hook up. It starts off fun but Rosie raises the stakes when she shoots an offender. Jack wants out, but as she used his gun, he is part of the crime. She learns Jacks son was killed by a drugs overdose. Rosie targets a dealer to kill and appease Jack. Unfortunately it's the son of a tough drug baron. They have to go on the run and soon become the Bonny and Clyde of Etiquette.

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