Are There Dinosaurs In Heaven?

(Feature Film)

Project Status

Screenplay complete. 

Project Overview

Jonathan finds out that he is an unwanted child from his violent Father. Searching for purpose, he befriends the local priest, who helps him enrol in a Theology degree at Open University. Through his course, Johnathan meets Elmer and Katrina and, within a short time, they are happily living in a house share together. 

As a professional web designer, Elmer teaches Jonathan to build websites. Jonathan, with his new-found skills, designs a progressive website for his priest and, for the first time, he finally feels wanted.

A profound experience in his mind brings him to doubt the whole concept of religion. Without permission, he posts this experience up on the priests website. This risky move results in the priest’s murder and Jonathan vows to find the killer, but he is unaware of the large organisation behind the murder and soon faces his own demise…