Chocolate Potato

(Feature Film)

Project Status

Award-winning script – Published. Feature in Pre-Production.  

Project Overview

A tale of intrigue, betrayal, murder, complicity, romance and (surprisingly) comedy. A tale of a mad wife taking revenge on her husband, a scorned husband seeking revenge on the hacker that ruined his life and a cheating best friend on the lam that has a habit of flirting with the neighbours, all while serving as the comedic relief! 

Joel’s wife freaks out when she finds a sexually explicit email on his computer. After his last affair, Sally decides this was his last chance and promptly ends the relationship. Unbeknown to her, the email is a very clever piece of spam. Joel, upon discovering this, tries desperately to explain this to his wife, unfortunately at no avail.

Joel is so distraught and, with the help of his zany, oddball, computer hacking friend, tracks down the spammer. When he finally tracks the spammer down, Joel forces him to make a video confession for him to show Sally. He is too late; she has found somebody else and is now pregnant. As Joel now has nothing to lose, he decides to go back and kill the man responsible for this mess, branding his forehead with the word ‘SPAMMER’. His actions have unforeseen consequences when, within a week, there are copycat murders.