Shooting Gallery

(Feature Film)

Project Status

Screenplay complete.

Project Overview

Gary murdered his best friend when he was ten, just for kicks. As no one ever found out, Gary lived the rest of his life believing he’d got away without any consequences… or so he thought. 

Many years later, whilst at a country fair, Gary tries his luck with an innocent-looking shooting gallery. When he aims, Gary see’s the targets, not as cute little rubber duckies, but as the people he’s thinking about. Shortly after, he discovers that when he shoots the people in the gallery, they die in real life. 

Until that day, Gary’s life had been perfect. Now, he has a terrifying secret to tell his beautiful wife. They decide to keep it a secret and get on with their lives until, some years later, terrorists are threatening a mass murder in the USA. Gary and his wife embark on a vitally important adventure to find the shooting gallery, become a hero and redeem himself.