The Queen Mother

(Feature Film)

Project Status

Script complete. 

Project Overview

Human beings have ruined Mother Earth throughout the countless years of  excessive consumption, ignorant elites and careless pharmaceutical companies. Stripped of it’s resources and fertility,  Mother Earth has now run dry, and so has her people.  On a planet, rife with pollution and misery, reproduction, for the vast majority of humans, is not possible anymore. It is so rare, in fact, that birth is a national televised event.  The entire race now depends on the advances in science and the conception of test tube babies to continue their race, but with the doomsday terrorists blowing up the final laboratory, humanity’s faith is spiralling… fast. 

In the UK, however, hope is born. One lucky baby girl is born with a genetic mutation – she is completely fertile. In the hopes of saving humanity, she is to become the Queen Mother and is forcibly paired with one of the few fertile males: an obnoxious, pretentious German.