Time Matters

(Feature Film)

Project Status

Screenplay complete. 

Project Overview

Ingesting cannabis in the form of a cake has a remarkable effect on the brain – it slows down perception and effectively the time continuum. Professor Connors, being a neural biologist, discovers exactly that on his trip to Amsterdam. He becomes intrigued with cannabis’ effect and, after dedicated research, identifies the area of the brain that interprets and coordinates time. 

Dr Connors isolates the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, and refines it to a highly concentrated  pill that he calls ‘Lucid’. It’s effect? To slow down time so much that it opens up the time continuum, consequently enabling you to enter a parallel universe. He designs ‘Lucid’ so that one second of normal time relates to 2 weeks in another dimension. This is an extremely exciting discovery until someone on the trial, whilst in another dimension, is killed. Professor Connors is on trial for murder and has an impossible case to defend… until someone on the jury takes ‘Lucid’.