Zero Tolerance

(Feature Film)

Project Status

Screenplay complete. 

Project Overview

Jack is recently divorced and his wife has taken his daughter to live abroad, so the only way of communication is via email… but Jack knows nothing about computers. Rosie observes him arguing with a troublesome young man on the train and wishes to join up with him to dish out more lessons in respect to the youth of today. 

He prefers to work alone, but she’s an IT major that can help him with his email and Skype so, begrudgingly, they team up. It starts off fun, but Rosie raises the stakes when she shoots an offender. Jack wants out but, as she used his gun, he is now part of the crime. After learning Jack’s son died as a result of a drug overdose, Rosie targets a drug dealer to appease him. Unfortunately and unknowingly, Rosie’s victim is the son of an infamous, top-level drug lord. Now being the Bonnie and Clyde of social etiquette, the duo have no option but to run…